Who is Khan in the STAR TREK sequel?

Carbonell Khan

Consider this a full fledged rumor, but it's one I can't resist perpetuating. After J.J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot became a huge hit this summer, fandom has been clamoring for details regarding a potential sequel. Almost immediately after its release, speculation loomed about Khan as a villain for the sequel. Not only has Abrams not signed on to direct the next film in the series, he HAS NOT confirmed Khan would even appear at all.

All of that said, this rumor seems like a lot of fun to me: Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert from LOST) would play Khan if the filmmakers had to make a casting choice right now. ComingSoon brings this rumor, albeit in a strange fashion: they don't cite any sources, they just mention that they're "hearing a pretty juicy rumor" and leave it at that.

I think Carbonell would be a fantastic choice for Khan. He is a really talented actor and deserves a shot at the large role in a blockbuster (he DID appear as the mayor in The Dark Knight, so he's tasted big screen fame before). The picture from the top of the page is from ComingSoon as well, and it's a pretty solid comparison between Carbonell and the legendary original Khan himself, Ricardo Montalban (RIP).

What do you guys think about this potential casting? Is there someone else you would rather see play Khan in the Star Trek sequel?

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