Justin Theroux to Write SPACE INVADERS

MovieFoxby Joey Paur


Actor / writer Justin Theroux has been hired to re-write a draft for Fox's astronaut romantic comedy, Space Invader. The original draft was written by Mike Lisbe and Nate Reger who sold the project to Fox.

The original draft of the comedy centers on a man who decides to go to space after he suspects that his longtime girlfriend, an astronaut, is cheating on him with another spacewalker.

Will Arnett is attached to star in film. Theroux wrote the hit comedy Tropic Thunder and also the upcoming Iron Man 2 film for Marvel. There is also a possibility that he could end up directing the project. He is also producing the feature film, Air Guitar Nation.

Scriptshadow wrote up a review of the original script and it contains spoliers, you can read it below:

Doug, the space shuttle janitor, watches helplessly as his astronaut girlfriend heads off on a 3 month International Space Station mission with Stamp Majors, all-American astronaut superstar and philanthropist. He begins to think that the two are getting it on and decides to...um...intervene.

Really liked this one. It's pretty broad but there are some great touches. We've all been in that position where our boyfriend/girlfriend is going to be in close quarters with some attractive dude/chick for a weekend trip or something and in the back of our minds are thinking, "Should I go there?" Of course we never do (well, ahem, most of the time we don't) but in this case Doug takes it to the extreme, and decides to actually fly his way up to the International Space Station to make sure his girlfriend doesn't bang Stamp.

The broadness is just right, allowing us to overlook things that would obviously be implausible (Doug trains with the Latvian space program - who believes he's his famous astronaut father - in order to gain entrance onto their shuttle) and then once Doug gets up there, it's the classic slacker vs. "seemingly perfect guy" scenario, although the fact that we're on a space station and that Stamp is so funny allows the whole thing to feel fresh. My favorite touch on Stamp (think a cross between a real life version of Buzz Lightyear, and the character Owen Wilson plays in Meet The Parents) is the gradual revelation that he's obsessed with inexplicably shooting any and everything into the sun. Not doing it justice. But trust me, it's hilarious.

With the script be polished up, it sounds like this could end up being a pretty good sci-fi comedy.

Source: THR