PERCY JACKSON & the OLYMPIANS International Trailer

Uma Thurman as a non-ugly Medusa in the reflection of (PRODUCT PLACEMENT) an iPod... sneaky.

Here's the first full international trailer for Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Lightning Thief. This incorporates the same elements of the opening to the last teaser trailer, but delves deep into the plot and tone of the film with loads of new footage.

Directed by Chris Columbus(Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone & Chamber of Secrets), and based on Rick Riordin's novel, Percy Jackson & the Olympians is set in the 21st century, where the gods of Mount Olympus and assorted monsters have walked out of the pages of high school student Percy Jackson’s Greek mythology texts and into his life. And they’re not happy: Zeus’ lightning bolt has been stolen, and Percy is the prime suspect. Even more troubling is the sudden disappearance of Percy’s mother. As Percy finds himself caught between angry and battling gods, he and his friends embark on a cross-country adventure to catch the true lightning thief, save Percy’s mom, and unravel a mystery more powerful than the gods themselves.

The films stars Logan Lerman(3:10 to Yuma/Gamer) in the title role, with Brandon T. Jackson(Tropic Thunder), Uma Thurman, Rosario Dawson, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean, Catherine Keener, and Erica Cerra(Eureka) rounding out the cast.

Root Mazer has read the book, and says a whole lot seems to have been changed for the movie. Hopefully the fans of the books walk away satisfied.

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think! If you've read the books too, be sure to let us know how you feel about the adaptation.

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