Eddie Murphy to talk to animals again in The MISADVENTURES of FLUFFY?


When Eddie Murphy talks to animals, it translates into $465 million(Dr. Doolittle 1 & 2 's combined world-wide box-office take). When he voices an animal, it translates to a more than solid $2.2 billion(Shrek movies' combined world-wide box-office take).

So it's no surprise that the once great comedian is attached to produce and could possibly star in Paramount's new buddy comedy The Misadventures of Fluffy, a road trip pic through New York featuring talking animals.

Though that premise sounds quite horrid -- like something that could complete a trilogy of the Alvin & The Chipmunks films -- at least gives it some hope that the pitch for Fluffy was an R-rated comedy with an element of social comedy reminiscent of Murphy’s 1980’s hit Trading Places... aaaah, the good ol' days.

Sam Pitman and Adam Cole-Kelly sold the pitch for The Misadventures of Fluffy and will write the script. The writing partners most recently came to prominence with The Diversification of Noah Miller, a race-themed story about a man who tries to bring cultural enlightenment to his son by befriending people of another race. Tyler Perry is attached to produce that project, and may also star.

Insiders emphasize that while Murphy is formally attached to produce, he is not guaranteed to star at this point.

Murphy is involved in a number of high-profile projects currently in development, including a Fantasy Island reboot(presumably a movie and not the reality show in the works), and also stars in DreamWorks’ high-concept comedy A Thousand Words.

Murphy will also be reprising his roles in the Dreamworks' upcoming Shrek Forever After and Paramount's in development Beverly Hills Cop IV sequel, which writers are currently being sought for.

What do you think of The MISADVENTURES of FLUFFY? What do you think of Murphy producing and potentially starring?

Source: RiskyBusiness

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