IRON MAN 2 Trailer to be Attached to SHERLOCK HOLMES?


Wondering when we will get to see a trailer for Iron Man 2? Of course you are! It seems that director Jon Favreau has given the world a hint on when that might by retweeting a question asked by @Ann_Howard. Favreau retweeted the following:

RT @Ann_Howard: @Jon_Favreau PLEASE tell us the trailer is coming soon - w/Sherlock Holmes, perhaps??

Why would he retweet this to his massive twitter following if there wasn't any truth to it? He wouldn't. It makes complete sense that the trailer would pop up with Sherlock Holmes since Robert Downey Jr. is the star in both films.

The Guy Ritchie directed film Sherlock Holmes open on Christmas Day.

So are you more excited to see SHERLOCK HOLMES or the IRON MAN 2 Trailer?

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