Sam Worthington signs on for The LAST DAYS of AMERICAN CRIME adaptation


Sam Worthington(Terminator: Salvation/Avatar) has signed on to appear in a film adaptation of Rick Remender's upcoming Radical Comics miniseries The Last Days of American Crime, which is due to hit comic shops this December.

Written and created by Remender and illustrated by Greg Tocchini, American Crime is a sci-fi heist thriller set in a near-future America, in which news has broken that, in a matter of weeks, the government is set to roll out mind-control technology that will kill the criminal impulse in all citizens. Chaos descends on America's cities as the country braces for the new order. Career criminal Graham Brick is forced to accelerate the heist of his career with an untested new crew in order to beat the deadline.


Worthington will take the role of Kevin Cash, the safecracker who (along with his beautiful girlfriend Shelby) is enlisted in the heist at the last minute.

Remender explained to Mania:

It's really motivated by [David] Mamet's Heist film and James Ellroy's [novel] American Tabloid. Ellroy being an example of the kind of hard-boiled crime that has a socio-political backdrop and Mamet's Heist a very well-thought out film that focuses on the heist itself.

Remender will act as either co-producer or executive producer, with Radical chief Barry Levine producing along with Michael Schwarz. Radical has kept Remender very involved in the process of developing the film, which he has been writing the screenplay for while concurrently developing the comic series.

Though there are no other announcements in terms of cast, director or studio, Remender says news will be coming soon:

Producer Michael Schwarz and Barry Levine have been working very hard on this. The people that they're bringing in are all big A-list Hollywood people.

Heist film? Count me in. Sci-fi? Count me in. Even if heist films tend to tread much of the same water, I'm always more than willing to go along for the ride --even more so with a sci-fi back drop. With Remender simultaneously adapting his own work, I think we're gonna get the cream of the crop for the film adaptation.

Fear Agent -- Remender's Dark Horse comic book -- is also being developed for the screen at Universal, with eyes to cast Jon Hamm and Heath Hutson.

What do you think of THE LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME? What do you think of Worthington set to appear?