'Tron Legacy' Writers take on Universals OUIJA


We reported not too long ago, that Universal Pictures was going to develop a new horror film called, Ouija, which will obviously be based around the classic satanic board game of death. With the success of Paranormal Activity(which features the popular board game), it looks like they are ready to get moving on this flick. The two guys who wrote Disney's Tron Legacy film, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, have been brought on board to write the screenplay for the film, which is being produced by Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes and Hasbro. Kitsis and Horowitz are also writers and executive producers on the hit TV show LOST.

The studio is looking at the project as a supernatural action-adventure movie. If you look at the rules of the game, you might be able to see what the plot point of the film will be, because rules are meant to be broken. The rules are; never use it alone, never use it in a graveyard, always say good-bye. So what happens if you forget to say goodbye? Or you intentionally use it alone, or in a graveyard? You can let your imagination play with that idea. But then maybe you've used a Ouija board, maybe you've broken these rules yourself? Has anything bad happened to you? I'm sure plenty of over-the-top bad things will happen to the characters in the movie.

Ouija boards, also known as spirit or talking boards, have been used to communicate with the spirit world for more than 200 decades. The board, as its known today, was manufactured by William Fuld in the 1890s, then acquired by Parker Bros. in 1966. Since then, 12 million copies have been sold, according to Hasbro, which acquired Parker Bros. in 1991.

Source: THR