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I still can't believe a movie is getting made based on the TV show American Gladiators. I seriously don't get it, but it is going to happen and a writer has been hired to prove it. Peter Lliff will take on the challenge of writing a script based on the NBC game show that first aired in 1988 and was recently revived. Liff has written films such as Patriot Games and Varsity Blues.

As for the story... all of those gladiators such as Blaze, Gold, Laser, Titan, Nitro, Lace and more will all be superheros in the movie and I am sure they will be saving people from some evil menace. This is definitely a movie that you can't take seriously. This is going to be one muscular cheese-ball movie.

Scott Mednick (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) is producing, and American Gladiators creator Johnny Ferraro is exec producing.

Mednick is targeting the release for 2011.

Is anybody excited for this movie, or thinks this is a good idea?

Source: Variety

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