EMH and his weekend box office predictions. What do you think New Moon will make?

MovieTwilightby EMH

Okay, things are crazy in the EMH household this weekend, so I am bringing you the predictions the old fashioned way: print.

5. The Blind Side - 9 million - This movie looks like it may be the best of the five. Sadly, heartwarming sports stories sometimes don't draw guys, and the girls are all about the mighty Edward this weekend.

4. A Christmas Carol - 11 million - This movie will make more next weekend than this weekend. It's a mortal lock.

3. Planet 51 - 16 million - I don't know about this animated stuff this weekend. This movie may fall flat.

2. 2012 - 32 million - Seriously, this movie is all action, and not much substance (well, that's what I heard!). So after a big opening weekend, and with other curious moviegoers waiting another week to see it because of the holiday, this movie will take a huge drop from its week one rake.

1. New Moon - 70 million - Look, my wife sees fewer than 15 movies a year on the big screen, but tonight, at midnight, even though my 3-year old son just had his tonsils removed a few hours ago, she is heading off to the movies to see this movie. So don't be surprised if this movie makes closer to 80 million or more. I just think that with next week being Thanksgiving (when more people are willing to wait a few extra days to see a movie) we might see this film make a more conservative number.

Let me know what you think. Give me your top five predictions! Or just your New Moon prediction will be fine. I am not trying to get you to lock in with a long-term commitment.





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