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KoldCast TV has created a great chart that shows us The Evolution of the Superhero Movie. These are the same guys that made the Sequels That Bombed Chart.

When comic books first started being published they were not taken seriously at all. Who would have thought after all these years that comic books would become one of Hollywoods main sources for the stories they decide to adapt into a film?  It all started with Richard Donner's classic, Superman.

The comic book movies started out strong, but then all of a sudden it seems like Hollywood wasn't taking the comic's that they were turning into films seriously. They were going into production with crappy scripts, directs and actors. It wasn't until recently that they realized that comic book films had the potential to be absolutely incredible if they actually put some time, effort and talent into creating them. In 2008, the universally acclaimed The Dark Knight became the first superhero movie to gross over one billion dollars worldwide. Finally Hollywood got it right!

Now all of a sudden everyone wants to be a part of that comic book geek community. Proof of that is how big the San Diego Comic-Con has become.

Thanks to GeekTyrant reader Johnny Q for the Tip!

Check out the chart below and tell us what ya think!

Evolution of the Superhero Chart

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