So Twilight Fans, What did you Think of NEW MOON?


Twi-Hards really turned out in full force at the movie theaters last night to watch New Moon, they pretty much took over the theaters. I heard it was insane! My wife went to see the movie last night with some friends, and she told me that not only were there a ton of teenage girls, but women up into the ages of 65 years old were standing in line decked out in Twilight crowns, T-shirts, and bags. Teenage girls were showing up in full on footed pajamas, you know the kind parents put there babies in, only for teenagers? Yeah, I don't get it either. At the Burbank AMC there were about 9 full lines waiting to get into sold out shows. Apparently all the guys were at the Buffalo Wild Wings Bar next to the megaplex theater getting drunk before the movie.

My wife said the movie was really good though. Much, much, better than the first film. I've heard from others that it was even better than the book. She then proceeded to tell me that she thinks I would like it. That has yet to be seen.

So we want to know what you thought about the movie The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Whether you are a die hard Twi-Hard, or you were just dragged to the movie by your significant other, we want you to give us your reviews. Would you seriously recommend that the GeekTyrant crew go and see this movie?

Hit us up in the Rant Back Section below!

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