Top 30 TV Shows of the Last Decade

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I came across a list over at AV Club of what they say is the top 30 TV shows of the last decade. I thought this would make for some great conversation with all of you.

I pretty much agreed with most of the shows that were put on the list, but I would move many of them around. I just think some of these shows are better than others and deserve to be higher in rank. I definitely agree with the number one spot for best TV show of the last decade... The Wire, which is seriously one of the best shows ever to be made.

Personally Dexter and Battlestar Galactica would have been in my top 10, I would have also added HBO's Carnival to the list. I loved that show and was pissed it got pulled off the air before there was closure.

Check out the full list below, and if you haven't heard of it click the title to learn more. Go through it and tell us what you think.

1. The Wire (HBO, 2002-08)

2. The Sopranos (HBO, 1999-2007)

3. Arrested Development (Fox, 2003-06)

4. Freaks And Geeks (NBC, 1999-2000)

5. Mad Men (AMC, 2007-present)

6. Breaking Bad (AMC, 2008-present)

7. The Office UK (BBC 2, 2001-03)

8. Lost (ABC, 2004-present)

9. Deadwood (HBO, 2004-06)

10. The Shield (FX, 2002-08)

11. The Office US (NBC, 2005-present)

12. Battlestar Galactica (2004-09)

13. 30 Rock (2006-present)

14. Futurama (Fox, 1999-2003)

16. Friday Night Lights (NBC, 2006-present)

17. Firefly (Fox, 2002-2003)

18. How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 2005-present)

19. Big Love (HBO, 2006-present)

20. Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (Cartoon Network, 2007-present)

21. Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO, 2000-present)

22. Six Feet Under (HBO, 2001-05)

23. Undeclared (Fox, 2001-02)

24. Dexter (2006-present)

25. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (The WB/UPN, 1997-2003)

26. The Venture Bros. (Cartoon Network, 2003-present)

27. Flight Of The Conchords (HBO, 2007-2009)

28. Eastbound & Down (HBO, 2009-present)

29. Wonder Showzen (MTV2, 2005-06)

30. The West Wing (NBC, 1999-2006)

There are so many great TV shows on this list, I just think they mostly in the wrong order. Do you agree or disagree with the list? Are there shows you would take off or add? Would you switch things up a bit? Or do you think is perfect?

Talk to us!

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