Check out the 13 Minute AVATAR Segment from 60 Minutes and 2 International Posters

Last night CBS' 60 Minutes ran a 13 minute profile on director James Cameron, which gave us an in depth look into the world of his upcoming 3D fantasy, Avatar. The segment features loads of behind the scenes footage, including Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana in action sporting mo-cap suits, Stephen Lang fighting inside one of those massive mech suits, and a look at the process of creating the groundbreaking special FX for the film -- which are still be tweaked as the Dec. 18th release date rapidly approaches.

The piece also gives a good look into Cameron himself; his early career, his strive for perfection, his on-set behavior, and a wonderful tour of his office -- with pieces and props from his films like the Terminator-- the design of whichhe says "came to him in a dream" -- and the wheel of the Titanic, which he keeps around as a reminder that  he knows "what it feels like to be at the helm of a sinking ship." The funniest trivia piece for me though, was the revelation that Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't the first choice for Terminator. The studio originally wanted to cast O.J. Simpson, a choice Cameron though was the "stupidest idea" he'd ever heard. Expanding saying, "I didn't know O.J., I had nothing against him personally. I didn't know he'd go murder his wife later and become the real Terminator."

Below the 60 minutes segment is two international Avatar posters from FilmStage. Also, THR reports that Avatar will be kind to those small bladdered movie goers out there, as the run-time is only 150 minutes(two and a half hours). The news corrects early speculation that the film would run well over 3 hours. Having experienced the immersive 3D experience of Avatar, I wouldn't mind sitting through 5 hours... but it's nice to know Cameron is keeping it tight and well focused.

Check out the segment and posters and let us know what you think!


Does anyone else find it odd that this poster features the huge floating head of Zoe Saldana... but her name isn't on the poster?


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