THE HANGOVER ad for Best Picture and Unused Pics from End Credits


Last week we brought you a slew of "For Your Consideration..." Posters for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. With there now being 10 nominees in each of the Best Picture Categories, the idea and hope is that this will open up the playing field for other types of films to be nominated -- e.g. superhero, horror, fantasy, and comedic films that were almost always overlooked in favor of dramas.

FirstShowing came across the poster above, which is a Best Picture "For Your Consideration" ad from Warner Bros. for their comedy The Hangover. In the past, this film would have had no chance of ever winning an Oscar, let alone being nominated -- even with it's critical and box-office success. So it's too bad that the ad isn't actually for the Oscars, but rather the Golden Globes. How can ya tell? In small print under "Best Picture", it says Comedy or Musical.

The Hangover was one of the best movies of the year, and perhaps the funniest comedy of the last several years. It was brilliantly written and performed, and I would love to see it nominated for the Globes AND the Oscars. I wouldn't bet any money on a win, but a nod would be a giant step forward.

The Hangover doesn't come out on DVD and Blue Ray until December 15th, but TMZ got their hands on what is sure to be in the bonus features. Here are 18 unused pictures from the Digital Camera Slideshow of their Vegas weekend, that weren't used in the end credits. No need to worry, there aren't any more elevator sex pics below.

Check out the never-before seen pics and let us know what you think! Also be sure to let us know if you think THE HANGOVER should be nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe or both.

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