UP spinoff - PIXAR Animated Short : George and AJ


Due to the rough animation, this hilarious short may seem like just a well done fan-made tribute to Pixar's UP. But this is a true Pixar short that will have you busting a gut. Much like Dug's Special Mission -- found on the UP DVD and Blu-Ray special features -- this companion piece follows what other characters are doing during the main story.

This short focuses on George and AJ, the Shady Oaks attendants who were supposed to take Carl Fredrickson away the day he attached balloons to his house and took off for South America. It follows the shock they're in during the events, one week after, and the domino effect that Carl's balloon stunt has on other now inspired seniors.

My guess is this may be a deleted scene that didn't make it far enough into production to be properly CG animated. The humor in it is a lot different than the tone UP went for too. Either way, it's brilliant!

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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