J.J. Abrams to help Bring SAMURAI JACK to the Big Screen


I love Samurai Jack! That was a such a fun little animated series, and to hear the J.J. Abrams is interested in bringing it to the big screen as a producer, I can't help but get excited!

The film was first announced back in 1997, but we haven't really heard anything since then. We know that the creator of the show Genndy Tartovsky was hired to write the script and direct the theatrical continuation of the story. Finally the movie is moving forward!

The news comes from Frederator Films blog that explains how both Cartoon Network and New Line Cinema abandoned the projects (both animated and live action films) and how Genndy felt like he let all the fans down. He wanted the chance to finish what he started with the characters he created.

Apparently it took forever to work out the deals on the film, and by the time Frederator Films was formed a surprise was awaiting them. J.J. Abrams revealed that he is a huge Samurai Jack fan and agreed to be a co-producer on the film through his Bad Robot Productions at Paramount Pictures. With JJ and his producing partner Bryan Burk involved the property is in very good hands, and now there is a very strong chance that we will finally get to see Jack throwin' out his Samurai awesomeness on the big screen.

So what do you think about SAMURAI JACK finally coming to the Big Screen?

Via: Film Junk

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