Know Your Weak Points: Strategy Guide for surviving Video Games, Movies and Life

Here's a basic strategy guide for beating video game bosses, robots, classic movie monsters, mythological Greek figures, the Empire and Karate Kids. They all have their sensitive areas that will weaken them, bring them down, or flat out destroy them. This poster art serves as a cheat sheet for you, so you "Know Your Weak Points."

The poster was designed and illustrated by artist Olly Moss. We've featured his art several times before, with Modern Classic Video Game Cover Art Redesigned, poster art for Films in Black and Red and the Locke LOST Poster Art.

My favorite part of the poster has to be, "When In Doubt, Cheat." Underneath lies probably the most infamous and most memorized cheat code in video game history.

If you're aching to get this bad boy on you wall, it goes on sale tomorrow with the release of A Life Well Wasted’s fifth podcast episode.

Check out the poster and let us know what you think!


Big thanks to AgentMLovesTacos for the find.