Lightsaber Technology to be Discussed on The Science Channel!

TVTrailerby Joey Paur

Light saber

Have you ever watched the Science Channel? They've got a couple cool little shows on it worth watching if nothing else is on TV. The channel is run and operated by The Discovery channel. On December 1st they have a new show premiering called, Sci-Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible, and there first line of business... Lightsabers from the movie Star Wars.

The show is geared to make science accessible to science-fiction geeks. It's still pretty technical show that does its best to translate awesome geek movie elements into science, or rather, explore the possible science behind these gizmos and gadgets.

The show will be hosted by Dr. Michio Kaku, the author of Physics of the Impossible, not only will the premiere looks at the science behind creating the feasibility of actually concocting a light-saber like the ones they use in the Star Wars films but they will also look at creating a Stargate-like portal as well.

Variety reports:

"Light just can't be solidified into a blade," Kaku explains near the outset of the second segment, sounding like a real killjoy, before he gets out the goggles and starts trying to form super-hot plasma into a three-foot blade. He finally enlists a guy at MIT who specializes in carbon nano-tubes -- which sounds like something Mork would have had -- before presenting his finding to a bunch of fans with their own toy light-sabers.

This sounds like a show any geek can enjoy! Will you be tuning in?

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