Panic Attack! Director Lands Sci-fi Director Gig for Sam Raimi

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Earlier this month we showed you a awesome looking short film called Panic Attack! The film is a epic five minute short that was directed and animated by, Fede Alvarez. This is much bigger than what Neil Blomkamp did with his Alive in Joberg. As soon as I finished watching this video I knew for a fact that Hollywood had a new talented filmmaker and it wouldn't be long before he got his first major directing gig.

Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures has signed a contract with Federico Alvarez to direct a $30 to 40 million sci-fi film for them. This will be his first feature film directing job, and I think they are hoping he delivers a successful District 9 style movie.

According to the Uruguayan newspaper El País Raimi spoke with Federico Alvarez on the phone for a good hour and a half and the two talents hit it off. The idea is that Raimi will shield him from the business side of movie making in order to give him the freedom to make the movie he wants, which is pretty much what Jackson did for Blomkamp with District 9. The film will be shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay. We aren't sure if the story will be based on the Panic Attack! short film that Alvarez made, but  it sounds like he wants to include robots in some way.

I really excited to see what Alvarez ends up doing with Ghost House. I enjoyed the hell out of his short film and it will be awesome to see what he ends up doing for a feature film with a full on budget.

If you haven't seen the short film yet, check it out below, and then tell us what you think!

Via: Film Junk

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