Matthew McConaughey & FOX developing ROOSTER TALES: Animated Show based on his brother's life


Matthew McConaughey has partnered with Fox to develop Rooster Tales, an animated TV Show based on his brother's life. The show is currently being scripted, and follows the world of a beer-swilling, redneck sheriff who marries a much younger woman from Mexico, only to realize that he's gained not only a wife but an entire clan -- 114 members and counting.

McConaughey describes the show as simple as it is:

My brother's life is so unbelievable, we had to animate it.

You can just imagine him saying that with all of his laid back Southern drawl in full fledge... and for no reason, his shirt is off and he's rowing a boat in an olympic sized swimming pool. Rooster Tales garnered competitive bids from TBS and Comedy Central before Fox won out.

He didn't say this, but I imagine if he had to comment on it he'd say, "Fox was easier to say and remember, so I said 'let's do the show with them.'" And again, imagine with the drawl and no shirt, but this time he's making moonshine in his bathtub.

McConaughey will exec produce through his J.K. Livin' banner, along with his brother and inspiration Mike "Rooster" McConaughey, Mark Gustawes and scribe Kell Cahoon(Psych).

I't's not certain but it's safe to assume that Matthew himself will be a recurring character. As weird as the project sounds... the sheer thought makes me laugh out loud(if only there were an abbreviation for that action). But that's mostly due to me imagining Seth Green's impressions of him on Family Guy(like pictured above).

What do you think of Matthew McConaughey's animated comedy ROOSTER TALES?

Source: Variety

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