STAR WARS Cakes that look like Sculptures - Yoda, At-At and Jabba the Hutt

Most of the Star Wars themed foods are fun little geeky treats that resemble our favorite characters from the Star Wars universe. But these three cakes, along with the Tauntaun cake Deckard brought us earlier this month are detailed enough to be put on your desk... instead of just in your mouth. These confections aren't just cleverly placed pizza toppings or frosting drawings, they're intricately detailed sculptures.

The first and most proportioned is an At-At from Empire Strikes Back, along with Luke taking the sucker down by the legs.



By CharmCityCakes

The second is a 16" tall version of Yoda, complete with his flowing robe, wrinkles and a glowing saber glowstick -- a simple and innovative touch(but not edible).

By DebbieDoesCakes.

Last is more cake than even Leia could choke down. This Jabba the Hutt cake has as much detail in every flabby flap as it does on the rug he lays on.



By RosebudCakes

Via: TheForce.Net
Sources: TechnaBobCraziestGadgets/ GreatWhiteSnark

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