THE DESCENT PART 2 Film Clip of Death

MovieTrailerby Joey Paur


If for some reason you haven't seen the Neil Marshall directed film The Descent yet, then do your self a favor and put it on your list of must see films. It was a fantastically intense horror film even when the horror wasn't even present. The sequel to the film has been in production for some time now, and thanks to Bloody-Disgusting we have the first film clip from The Descent Part 2.

Emerging from the cave system alone, distraught and covered in the blood of her missing companions, Sarah is incoherent and half-wild with fear. Sceptical about her account of events and convinced Sarah's psychosis hides far darker secrets, Sheriff Vaines (Gavan O’Herlihy) doesn’t waste time. Along with his partner Rios (Krysten Cummings), and their cave rescue team Dan (Douglas Hodge), Greg (Joshua Dallas), and Cath (Anna Skellern), Vaines forces Sarah back into the caves to help the rescuers find her friends.

I'm really hoping the sequel will be just as good as the first one, but like most sequels it probably won't be, but it still looks like it will be fun to watch.

I've actually done this cave diving stuff before and it's seriously one of the craziest things I have ever done. There was a point where my life flashed before my eyes, one wrong move and GeekTyrant would cease to exist. Adding monsters would just take the experience to a whole new level of frightening.

Check out the film clip below and give us your first impressions.

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