Best STAR WARS set photo Ever?!?!

Here's a great case of "Don't know. Don't care." As in, "I don't know what's going on here. But I don't need to."


Girls looking to drive geeks bonkers know, that the best outfit to wear in order to sneak into our hearts is: the Leia slave outfit Carrie Fisher wore in Return of The Jedi. It's a classic, and homemade variations are just as effective as the real thing(it's the thought that counts). Well here is double the bang for your buck... please take that the right way. Here is a set photo from the set of Jedi, of Fisher and her stunt double napping it up(or sunbathing) on Tatooine. They're even using the tubes on Jabba's transport as padding, that's even cuter than an Ewok!!! One thing to note, other than the fact that their feet are touching(score!), is that Fisher's stunt double looks like she's a good half-foot taller than her.


Is this, or is this not... the best Star Wars set photo ever? Weigh-in in the rant back section below.


Kottke via SciFiWire

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