does J.J. Abrams have a secret project called 500 RADS?!


Taking in account how secretive J.J. Abrams is about his projects, Pajiba imagines that Abrams' henchmen are "going to bust into my house, throw a bag over my head" and try to find out who his source is. I want to put this in rumorville just to be safe... but they do have some non far-fetched details.

Pajiba's inside source says that Abrams and his Bad Robot production company are working on a movie called 500 Rads, that is said to be in the vein of both Cloverfield and 28 Days Later. So we can rule out "rad" referring to the slang term used by the extreme sports community, but rather RAD being a unit used to measure energy absorbed by a material from radiation. So zombies and other monsters are definitely not out of the question.

They also have a few more details to leak out. The film will apparently have a modest budget of $25 million, and they will shoot the film in Europe, which would help keep the production under wraps. The story is based on an extensive outline by Abrams, and writer Jeff Pinkner has been fleshing out the script for several months. Pinkner is one of Abrams' frequent collaborators, as he has been a writer and producer on Alias, Lost and Fringe. Pinkner, who must return to his duties on Fringe, has yet to complete the script. So Bad Robot is in talks with a couple more of Abrams’ usual suspects to finish the script.

What do you think of J.J. Abrams possibly making a film called 500 Rads?


GT reader C Clifton points out the 500 Rads Test Cell Radiation system:

The 500 Rads test cell in building 500 at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) contains a continuous x-ray source capable of producing lethal radiation levels within 15 seconds. Eight-foot thick walls of concrete are necessary but not sufficient to safeguard personnel. Operating procedures and engineered interlocks are required to ensure safety. This report documents the engineered interlock systems designed for safe operation. These solutions include emergency cutoff switches, warning lights, audible claxons, timing circuits, door interlocks and control circuitry. The electrical schematics, wiring diagrams and operational procedures are described.

That things sound insane! "Eight-foot thick walls of concrete are necessary but not sufficient to safeguard personnel."???? If that is indeed what is entailed in the supposed film, I'm on board. Thanks to Clifton for pointing out an obvious thing to do... Google it. It's sounds so crazy it just might WORK!!!!