DR. HORRIBLE Part 2 Update

Movieby Joey Paur


If you are fans of Joss Whedon's classic internet musical Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog, and you've been eagerly anticipating the sequel, then I've got some news here that you're going to love. Nathan Fillion, who played Captain Hammer in the original gives a little update on the project.

Joss, I was talking to him right before we won the Emmy. He said that he's finished writing a song or two. He told me a couple of verses to the song...It's going to be great. I know a bunch of cast members of Dr. Horrible who would love to get back into it.

So Whedon is hard at work on the sequel, and people are looking to jump back into it. Fillian also say's there is a title for the film, but didn't say what it was unfortunately. Check out the video interview below from MTV.