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In my review of Gentlemen Broncos, the latest comedy from director Jared Hess(Napoleon Dynamite/Nacho Libre), I summed up my thoughts on the film by commending "Hess’ ability to make even the most unrelatable characters likeable, and the smallest moments memorable." But considering some of the film's faults, I then closed by begging the question: "Will Gentlemen Broncos be bankable?"

I wrote that predicting that with Hess' unique style in full fledge, the pic would undoubtedly attract more detractors than supporters. What I didn't realize, was that the film would receive the EXTREMELY limited release of two theaters this past weekend. That makes it harder to be "bankable." Because when you can count 'em on less than half your hand-- one: New York's Landmark Sunshine, and two: Los Angeles' Arclight-- that's not a good sign. We then assumed on our Weekly Podcast, that Aaah, I get what they're doing... let word of mouth spread the flames as it opens wider right? WRONG!!!!!!!

Via some twitterage(I'll use my own made up terms, thank you very much) that has conspired, we now hear that the film has apparently hit the peak of its theatrical release.

Roger Ebert twote(my blend of tweet and wrote):

"Gentlemen Broncos” openings have been canceled in Chicago, and will go no wider than it is now

According to the website for the film's distributor, Fox Searchlight, Gentlemen Broncos is scheduled to open in 7 more theaters (mostly on the coasts) on Nov. 6th, and then 12 more cities on the 13th. Presumably a wide release would follow, but it's not looking too good.

If you count up the buckage this sci-fi themed comedy has brought in since it's October 30th release, you'd only have about $12 thousand dollars. Thousand!!! Granted, that's a lot of Jr. Bacon Cheesburgers, but very little money compared to it's $10 million dollar budget. That's a far cry from Hess' unexpected 2006 summer hit Nacho Libre, which with a budget of $35 million brought in $80 million domestically, $100 million worldwide and did about $46 million in DVD sales.

There's still no official word from Fox Searchlight on further distribution of the film. But with Gentlemen Broncos currently holding a horrific 12% rating on RottenTomatoes, it'll take more than just word of mouth to help save this pic.

What do you think of Gentlemen Broncos possibly being D.O.A???

Source: WAMG

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