Did you ever want the Powers of the X-MEN? So did these guys...

Have you ever dreamed that you had mutant powers like they do in the X-Men. Do you imagine what it would be like to have sharp claws shooting out of your hands like Wolverine, or what it would be like to manipulate flame Pyro? Well these two guy took it a step further, and actually made those dreams somewhat a reality with their homemade X-Men super powers.


I must begin by saying: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Playing with fire and making razor sharp blades spring loaded will undoubtedly result in injury. These guys must have some type of expertise in what they're doing... at least I hope so anyway.


Pyro :




Everett Bradford has made the much more technologically advanced power of the two. What he calls "The Prometheus Device" is meant to emulate the fire manipulation power of X-Men villain Pyro. The third version of the Pyro System, Prometheus is the culmination of about 6 months of thought and 2 months of building. It is modeled after the starter device Pyro uses in X-Men: The Last Stand.


The first video is a demonstration of what it can do, and how he uses the angles of his hand to control the flame. The second video is a look into the making of Prometheus, which was uploaded about a month before its completion.


In it's raw uncovered form, it looks more like something Tony Stark would strap on in Iron Man. Especially with the lit circle in his hand looking straight out of the John Favreau film.




Wolverine :


A.E Kirby doesn't have need any electronics or fuel needed for his homemade version of Wolverine's signature "adimantium" claws. But for some reason this feels a whole lot more dangerous than the homemade Pyro. Maybe it's because in the first video he demonstrates the "power" by going berserker barrage on a cardboard box. Maybe it's because the amount of know how and care doesn't seem as evident as it was in Prometheus. Either way... he looks pretty happy. He also documents the many stages the project went through before completion in his second video.


I have to say the cool factor of the Pyro System is pretty insane. I hope that guy is putting his knowledge to good use and not just sheer geekdom... not that there's anything wrong with that. The guy with the Wolverine claws scares me a bit, I hope he DOES NOT put that to good use, other than making a salad.


What'd you think of the homemade X-Men powers?


I'll go on record and say that I'm extremely afraid of anyone who makes homemade versions of Storm's or Cyclops' powers.

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