Bradley Cooper Cast in DARK FIELDS


Bradley Cooper's career has really taken off since, The Hangover. It seems like everybody wants a piece of the Cooper action in their movies. He's recently been cast is another film being directed by Neil Burger called, Dark Fields.

Dark Fields is a thriller that follows a down-and-out writer (Cooper) who gets his hands on a top-secret pharmaceutical drug that makes one smarter. He experiences sudden financial and social success but soon discovers that the drug has lethal and lasting side effects, including "trip-switching," a phenomenon in which time moves with a stop-motion quality. Before long, mysterious antagonists are pursuing him.

The thriller is said to be in the vein of Fight Club and The Game, which are both great films. I hope it ends up being as good as either of those, only this time David Fincher isn't involved. Burger isn't a bad director himself, he made a nice little film back in 2006 with Edward Norton called The Illusionist, and I really liked his style.

Shia LaBeouf was originally supposed to star in the film, so thankfully they got a different actor to replace him. There's way too much Labeouf going on these days.

Source: THR

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