first TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE teaser poster


Below is the first teaser poster for the third installment in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. No malnourished Robert Pattinson sparkling, or the indifferent Kristen Stewart biting her lip for this poster, just a blood-red moon that is eclipsed... Perhaps by the earth's shadow, or perhaps by the screaming and wailing of prepubescent girls. If you are a man, stay clear of Hollywood and Highland tonight, because the cast is making an appearance there to promote New Moon. I repeat: Stay away from Hollywood and Highland!!!

But back to Eclipse, and this regurgitated image of a poster. Eclipse is currently filming in Vancouver, under the direction of David Slade. The 30 Days of Night and Hard Candy director has promised blood and violence for his turn at the franchise. Slade is good, I hope he can make this series a bit more guy friendly. Because right now, it's just as appealing to guys as Hello Kitty is... maybe less.

Bella and Edward have been reunited, but their forbidden relationship is threatened to be torn apart again with an evil vampire still seeking her revenge. And Bella is forced to choose between her true love for Edward or her friendship with Jacob Black as the struggles between vampires and werewolves continues. But there is still another choice for Bella to make, mortality or immortality?



Source: Bloody-Disgusting