2012/Raising Arizona Trailer Mash-Up makes 2012 look so much Better!

Music is a powerful story telling tool when it comes to movies. It sets the tone and mood of what is being shown to us on screen. It's amazing how much music can change the look and feel of a film. If you've seen the trailer and film clips for the movie 2012, then you know how serious Roland Emmerich is trying to make this movie, even though it's hard to take seriously because of how ridiculous it looks.

Then someone comes around takes out Roland Emmerich's music and puts in a song that is so much more appropriate for the film's setting, and makes the movie look so much better. They added the theme song from the classic comedy Raising Arizona to this 2012 film clip, and finally we see what this movie is actually is... a fun dark comedy that I actually would be more excited to see.

Check out the clip below and tell us what you think!

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