Cory Haim Returns For LOST BOYS 4

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Not too long ago we let yall in on Cory Feldman reteaming with his Lost Boys "FROG" brother Jamison Newlander and now we've learned that Cory Haim will return for the 4th installment of the now full speed Lost Boys franchise. He was quoted as saying

I will not be participating in Lost Boys 3: The Thirst. But I will be back for part 4 in which my character, Sam Emerson, will play a huge part in the storyline.

Haim was very unhappy with the way part 2 turned out and did not like the way his character took. So this time around he has a few stipulations about coming back. Finally he revealed that Warner Premiere plans on making about one of these films a year. Um, Warner what are yall thinking? Don't ruin this freakin franchise like this! Haim also showed concern over them cranking out a movie every year like this!

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