Jean Reno Cast in 22 BULLETS (L'IMMORTEL)

Movieby Ben Pearson

Jean Reno

France has stepped up its collective game in the past twenty years when it comes to action movies, thanks mainly to names like Luc Besson and Pierre Morel. The country has produced the likes of The Professional, The Transporter, La Femme Nikita, and District B13, just to name a few. So far, Jean Reno has been a staple in the French action genre, and he has just signed to star in another feature called 22 Bullets (L'Immortel).

Written and directed by Reno's longtime acting cohort Richard Berry, 22 Bullets has a plot that not only riffs on The Punisher, but copies it to nearly every degree. I'll let the guys at QuietEarth take it from here with the plot synopsis.

After a long, brutal and successful career in the Marseille mafia, Charly Matteï has gone straight. For three years, he has lived a quiet life devoted to his wife and two young children. Then, one winter morning, he is left for dead on the docks of the old port with 22 bullets in his body. Somehow he survives. And goes looking for Tony Zacchia, the only man who would dare to try to kill him. Zacchia made just one mistake: he failed.

Frank Castle would be proud. I think this movie will fall right in line with the "older guys kicking ass" movies we've seen over the past couple years (Taken, the upcoming Michael Caine action flick Harry Brown), and I'm interested to see France's newest take on the archetype.

What do you all think? Are you tired of this sub-genre already, or are you excited to see more?

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