Great Looking Reimagined SLEEPING BEAUTY and LITTLE MERMAID Posters

Artist Eric Tan has created a couple cool new re-imagined Disney movie posters for The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. He explains on his blog that the Disney classics had a big impact on his art and his career, and he "wanted to do it almost as a tribute to the importance they had on me as a kid."

These posters and many more will be featured in a new book from Disney. The book is called The Art of The Disney Princess and several internal artists were asked to put their artistic spin on the Princesses for a book.

Here are the two posters that he did for the book. I've also included what he wrote about each one. Check it out and enjoy!

Little Mermaid came out when I was in high school and reinvigorated the entire Animation studio which influenced me to want to get into field that as a career. Although I found I didn't have the chops for animation, it led me down the path to my current position with Disney and it'll always be one of those films that reminds me of how I fortunate I am to end up where I did.




Sleeping Beauty was just an amazing piece of artistic vision. The look of the film made an impact on me as a kid and I remember trying to draw the Maleficent dragon over and over with less than stellar results.



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