New Exorcism Film THE VATICAN TAPES Gets a Director

Movieby Joey Paur


We reported a couple months ago that Lionsgate was going to develop a new supernatural exorcism film called The Vatican Tapes. The movie is based on a tape that leaked from the Vatican and it displays an exorcism that goes horribly wrong. The movie will be made in the same style as Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, and REC. Chris Borrelli wrote the screenplay based on a story by Borrelli and Chris Morgan.

The man directing the film is James Marsh who directed the wonderful documentary, Man on Wire, which told the story of Philippe Petit and his walk between New York's Twin Towers, and won an Oscar. The Vatican Tapes will be his first feature film.

Exorcism's have always facsinated people so I'm sure people will flock to the theaters to see what a real looking fake excorism looks like. Thoughts?

Source: THR

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