Steven Spielberg and Will Smith's OLDBOY Remake Project is Dead


Looks like fans of the film and manga Oldboy can rejoice at the fact that Steven Spielberg and Will Smith will no longer be remaking the film and Americanizing the Japanese manga. According to our friends at Latino Review the DreamWorks Oldboy film project is dead.

Spielberg and Smith were developing the new film from the comic book, not the original film. Not that it really matters, chances are it would have never been as good as the original film. I love the original Oldboy film, and I never saw the need to Americanize the story. So I'm kinda glad that the movie fell through.

So what happened? Mandate and DreamWorks didn't see eye to eye on the project and DreamWorks bowed out. Lets hope no one else tries to jump on board and do it. Maybe now Speilberg can get to his Abraham Lincoln project sooner. What do you all think about the Oldboy remake falling through?

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