Will Smith Looking for an Oscar in a New Role in FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON

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Will Smith has been nominated for an Academy Award twice already but he has yet to win one. Of course he wants one, and Smith might be hoping this role he wants to play in a film he is also producing will give him that win. The film is called, Flowers for Algernon, a modern-day adaptation of the Daniel Keyes’ novel, which has already been adapted several times throughout the years. So how do I know he wants an Oscar out of the role he will play in the film? Well here is a little description of the story that will have a clear explanation.

The short story (and the subsequent novel) is about Charlie, a mentally retarded man who is the first human test subject for an experimental surgery that artificially increases intelligence. The experiment had already been performed successfully on Algernon, a lab mouse. Charlie’s newfound intelligence (his IQ skyrockets from 68 to 185), however, comes at the cost of his ability to socialize normally, as he becomes increasingly alienated from those around him. Emotional consequences are involved when Charlie learns the truth of the experiment.

Yes, he will play a mentally retarded man, and now you know why I think he is casting the Oscar bait. That there my friends screams, "I want an Oscar!" I think Smith is a great actor and he should have won for his role in The Pursuit of Happiness, he was incredible in that movie! I'm sure he'll do a great job in this movie as well, only time will tell if he does get nominated for an Oscar in it. But as you know, several people have won an Oscar by playing a mentally unstable crazy person. Smith is stepping in those shoes. (Cue Robert Downey Jr.'s Tropic Thunder speech)

What are your thoughts on Smith taking on this role?

Source: pajiba

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