Can you figure out what this IRON MAN 2 Clue is?

Today an awesome new Iron Man 2 poster was released by Paramount and Marvel featuring Whiplash, not long after that Superherohype was sent a 'Clue" for Iron Man 2. This is no doubt a new viral campaign that has been started for the film.

The clue comes in the form of a image of a newspaper clipping with a picture of Tony Stark. There are highlighted words and an arrow pointing toward Tony Stark. The title of the article is The Secret Life of Tony Stark, and the article doesn't really tell us anything that we don't already know from the first movie.

The newspaper clipping is obviously pasted on a wall, my guess is it's in Whiplash's work area or prison wall. This is seen in the image below, and on the new poster that was just released. The clippings are there to fuel his hatred for Tony Stark and serves as his motivation to kill him. But it's that highlighted word "Secret" that raises the big questions. Does it have anything to do with Mandorin?

Picture 4

I don't know if there are any other clues in the image that reveal anything else. Check it out below and tell us what you come up with.


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