DreamWorks Buys WIFE VS. NINJA Pitch


Good grief, Hollywood will buy anything these days. So Michael Besman has a meeting with DreamWork's in which he makes the following movie pitch:

The movie is called Wife Vs. Ninja! It's be about a housewife in Long Island who discovers that her scientist husband was kidnapped by his beautiful young intern who also happens to be a bloodthirsty ninja assassin who is intent on stealing his scientific work!

DreamWorks is thrilled with the idea! They say,

We fell in love with the mix of action and laughs in (the story).

They loved it so much that they purchased the pitch for an undisclosed amount of money. And Michael Besman, who has produced films such as About Schmidt and The Opposite of Sex, will write the high-concept script with Michael Zam and Jaffe Cohen, and he will also produce it.

All kidding aside, the movie sounds like it could be pretty freakin awesome, and will most likely end up being way better than the latest Ninja Assassin film. This could definitely end up being one of the best movie cat fights ever. Beautiful Ninja Vs. Beautiful Housewife? This is definitely a B-Movie pitch but I can't wait!

Are you down with Wife Vs. Ninja?

Source: Variety

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