The Buzz for James Cameron's AVATAR is all Positive!

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Last night Avatar screened for members of the press in London and US Press screenings started today. Not many people can really talk about it due to an embargo but it doesn't stop them from professing their love for the film and James Cameron. I still have yet to see the film but I love what I am hearing so far!

There are a couple full reviews that popped up in the UK:

The Sun: The final battle scene is 20 minutes long and absolutely mind-blowing...It is overwhelming, and that is because you are emotionally tied up in the characters and the story.

The Guardian: There have been a lot of rumours…Rumours that the 3D effects were making people nauseous. Rumours that the film, two hours and 40 minutes long, was a complete car crash.The Guardian can reveal that the last two are untrue. The film does not make you feel sick and it is not a disaster

Alex from Firstshowing: James Cameron is a freakin’ genius! I can’t say much but wow, I loved it. Avatar was phenomenal, pretty much blew me away... I can’t answer any questions guys but I can say I loved it. Also saw Neill Blomkamp at our screening, he loved it too. :)

Comingsoon: I’ll take my chances with Fox legal…. Avatar was amazing, I loved it!

And here are some more twitter reactions:

@petershall: “The AVATAR buzz is an understatement. That movie was unbelievable.”

@chasewhale: “Just finished AVATAR. Special effects were top notch. The movie ran a little long for my likings but I liked it!”

@comingsoonnet” “Okay, about Avatar?…. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Unbelievable… amazing.”

@MikePereira21: Was blown away by Avatar! For 150 minutes, I was a kid again. Thank you James Cameron! BTW, the groundbreaking 3D was mindblowing.”

@rejects: “I’m not supposed to talk about Avatar… That said, it was a spectacular experience. Like nothing I’ve seen before.”

@markwalters74: “Just saw AVATAR. Not allowed to talk about it yet. Not allowed to say how it’s an amazing visual feast, or that Jimmy C’s still got the gift.”

@dmann11: “Holy effing crap!!! Avatar was FREAKING AWESOME KICK ASS SWEET!!!!!”

@TheGate: “For the record ‘Avatar’ was worth the $400 million, and no it is not even remotely “vomit inducing”.

Sounds to me like this movie is going to be everything that James Cameron said it would be! And I am more excited than ever to watch it!

What do you think about everyone's reaction?

Via: /Film

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