James Cameron to Produce FANTASTIC VOYAGE Remake


Earlier this week we reported that James Cameron had another sci-fi action film project he was going to start working on, based on a script written by Shane Salerno. A whirlwind of online speculation pointed to to a project called Doomsday Protocol, which Salerno sold to Fox last year. It was described as a sci-fi version of Seven Samuai.

Well everyone, thats not the movie Cameron will be involved with. He spoke to MTV earlier this week and it has nothing to do with the above speculation. His plan is to produce a remake the sci-fi classic 1966 film Fantasitc Voyage, which follows a small team that attempts to save the life of a nearly-assassinated diplomat through a uniquely invasive surgical procedure. The magic of science allows the doctors to be shrunken down to microscopic size and injected into the ailing diplomat's body. Piloting a specialized tiny submersible craft,  the team attempts to repair with the diplomat's condition - a blood clot in his brain - on a cellular level.

This definitely sounds like something Cameron will have fun with, it's exploration of the inside of the human body with submarines! I haven't seen the original film since I was a kid. There was that funny 1987 comedy Inner Space with Martin Short and Dennis Quiad, which was a different take on the whole thing.

Just because Cameron is only producing the movie doesn't mean that he not going to go all out on the special effects front. Fantastic Voyage is going to be remade like no other film has been remade before. I'm sure that will be the tag line for the film, "A Remake unlike any Remake Ever Made!"

So what do you think about Cameron remaking Fantastic Voyage in 3D?

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