Sundance 2010: JACK GOES BOATING - Philip Seymour Hoffman's Directorial Debut

MovieSundanceby Joey Paur


Here is another 2010 Sundance Film Festival movie premiere that we are looking forward to seeing. It's called Jack Goes Boating, and this film is Philip Seymour Hoffman's directorial debut, he also stars in it as well. It is based on the Off-Broadway play of the same name.

The story:

In the dead of winter, we meet Jack (Hoffman), a limo driver who has vague dreams of landing a job with the MTA, a mild obsession with a reggae song, and has begun a half-hearted attempt at growing dreadlocks. He spends most of his time hanging out with his best friend and fellow driver, Clyde and Clyde’s wife Lucy.

The couple set Jack up with Connie, a co-worker of Lucy’s at Dr. Bob’s Funeral Home in Brooklyn. Being with Connie inspires Jack to learn to cook, pursue a new career, and take swimming lessons from Clyde so he can give Connie the romantic boat ride she wants. But as Jack and Connie cautiously circle commitment, Clyde and Lucy’s marriage begins to disintegrate. From there, we watch as each couple must come face to face with the inevitable path of their relationship.

In an interview with FilmsAndStarTv Hoffman goes into a little more detail on what exactly the film is about. He says it's,

...about two people falling in love, and one of the things is that the girl, the woman that I start to fall in love with, she would like to go rowing in a boat. But it's winter and she wants to it and so we make a plan to do it in the summer. But the fact that my character doesn't know how to swim, he doesn't tell her that, and she doesn't know that. He spends a lot of time in the film trying to learn how to swim so he can eventually take her boating, when the sun comes out again. It's a really beautiful film actually.

I've never directed a film though and I acted in it to, so I did both and it was a lot, it was really demanding and quite challenging but very satisfying. I'm hoping for the best.

We already know Hoffman is a great actor, I'm looking forward to seeing what he has to offer as a director. Check out the images from the film below.



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