Looks like we may never see James Cameron's BATTLE ANGEL


James Cameron recently did an interview with Jim over at Marketsaw in which he talked about the movie Avatar and a few other projects that we have been expecting to see from him. With all the positive buzz building up around Avatar it looks like we are going to see a sequel. In a previous interview Cameron revealed that was the plan all along and FOX is down with it. But what does this mean for some of Cameron's new films? Here are some points of interest from the recent interview.

On Battle Angel he surprisingly says:

I am not even sure that I am going to do that film.

It sucks that we may never see his Battle Angel film come to life. Maybe he's just grown past it and is moving on with new and better ideas. The other film he's talked about is The Dive:

As a next film, THE DIVE is a more likely candidate.

The Dive has been explained as a drama and love story that will require underwater photography, which Cameron says will look gorgeous in 3-D. As for Sanctum and Fantastic Voyage:

I am kinda out of the producing business. I don't like that - it is just not satisfying enough.

So it seems like he has no interest in just producing.

As for the Avatar sequels, Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana want to make another one.

Check out the full interview Right Here.

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