Another IRON MAN 2 Clue has Popped up Online


Hey Gang! Another Iron Man 2 viral clue has popped up online over at Screen Rant. Last week the first clue surfaced and there were some great theories as to what it all meant which you should check out.

Once again we have a highlighted word... STARK. The word highlighted in the first clue was SECRET. The article once again contains nothing we already don't know.

Perhaps it has something to do with the picture below the Stark article with the title Walking On Air. The picture looks like it comes from greece  with the tall columns and big blocks. From behind the blocks we see a pair of legs, the top part of the body of this figure has been worn out. But the person is wearing what seems to be a greek or roman skirt and wearing sneakers. It looks as if the person is stepping on air, who could this be?

One of my favorite theories from the first clue comes from Mesh who wrote:

in the bodycopy..... 
the letter "T" is missing from 'industries' 
the letter "I" from 'military' 
the letter "N" from substantial 
the letter "U" from trauma 
the letters "D" and "E" are additional in kidnapping 
re-arrange them into.... UNITED - hinting at the Avengers?

Are these clues hinting at The Avengers? Check out the images below and share your theories with us!


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