Millennium Falcon Bed! A Must Have for any Star Wars geek

Falcon bed

Now how awesome is this!? A full on Millenium Faclcon bed! This is a must have for any Star Wars geek or at least their kids. I would have loved to have this kind of bed when I was little kid growing up! The bed was designed and made by Kayla Kromer and here are some of the detail specs:

  • The front of the ship features two LED-powered lights

  • Blue light glows from the bottom

  • A Map covers the interior sheets

  • The bed even features smuggler compartments to hide your goodies

  • The cockpit area is built to hold a couple Star Wars figures.

Thanks to GeekTyrant reader darla for pointing this out to us over at out friends on /Film.

Now check out the photos below and tell us what you think!


Falcon bed

Falcon bed



Falcon bed

Falcon bed

Falcon bed



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