Tobey Maguire to Play Bilbo Baggins in THE HOBBIT!?


Now this a casting rumor from out of left field that I didn't see coming! As you know The Hobbit is currently prepping up for production and casting is underway. The big question on everybody's mind is, "Who will play Bilbo Baggins?"

We've heard rumors about James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe, Martin Freeman, and David Tennant, but we've heard nothing other than the debunking of some of these names.

Now today word has hit the street that Tobey Maguire is in the running for the role. While doing the rounds for his recent film Brothers he was asked which director he would like to work with next. His response:

Guillermo del Toro.

Now I know that doesn't mean much at all, there are a lot of actors that would like to work with him, but then he said:

We may have something here in the near future.

Now that could mean any number of films that Del Toro is producing, but as we all know his main focus is The Hobbit.

Our friends at LatinoReview did a little investigative work, and they have confirmed with agency sources that this is all true. As of right now they are in the early stages of talks between Maguire's CAA reps and the producers of The Hobbit.

They are talking about Maguire coming on board and playing Bilbo Baggins!

He is not officially cast in the film, they are just in early discussions but it looks like he is the first legitimate candidate for the role.

Maguire is a great actor and I think he would do a fine job in Bilbo's shoes. I've got no problems with him being cast in the role. I actually think it's a great choice.

Lets wait and see how this all plays out.

What are your thoughts on Maguire playing Bilbo?

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