3rd IRON MAN 2 Clue has been revealed

So right after I post a great little preview trailer for Iron Man 2, a third Clue for the film popped up over at CHUD, with yet another highlighted word... CONFESSION.

So far if you take the two previous newspaper clues with the highlighted words we get: SECRET STARK CONFESSION.

Confession of what? He already revealed who he is, we already know that there is going to be a little play with the demon in the bottle plot point, so a secret confession of being an alcoholic isn't news to us.

I'm gonna be pissed if this turns out to be some like when Ralphie in A Christmas Story finally gets his Little Orphan Annie decoder pin only to find out the secret message was: Be sure to drink your Olvaltine.

I hope this viral campaign pays off for the fans in the end.

Click Here and Here to check out the two previous clues, and you can check out the third one below.

So, what do ya think?

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