Disney Photos - With A Racy Twist

My colleague Abe Froman stumbled across this rather salacious set of Disney-themed photos and we figured we should share them with you.

I'd wager these pictures were neither commissioned nor approved by anyone at Disney, and with their strict rules about using the likeness of any of their characters, I'm surprised these have survived on the internet as long as they have. The pictures were discovered on this blog, and we have no idea how long they'll remain up - but take a gander while you can.

Any thoughts as to the true reason for these photos? A shoe ad, perhaps? Lingerie, maybe? Also, if anyone comes across the photographer/Photoshop artist responsible for these pics, be sure to let us know so we can give credit where it is due. Sound off in the comments section if you have any hard evidence or just want to voice your opinion.

(Click images for Hi-Res)

Disney Racy 1

Disney Racy 2

Disney Racy 3

Disney Racy 4

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