Like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day, the GeekTyrant Weekly Podcast is here to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Venkman leads Abe Froman, Root Mazer and Ben P. through Episode #56. The gang factor in on Clint Eastwood's newest film, re-lives Disney classics for their return to traditional animation, get teary eyed for television finale's and weigh in on a couple new video game trailers.

Bust out the marshmallows and cozy up for some Geek ranting:

Movie Reviews:

1:25 - Box-Office Numbers
3:13 - Invictus
17:13 - The Princess and The Frog

TV Reviews:

24:10 - Prisoner
24:56 - Dexter Season Finale (SPOILERS)

Game News:

36:15 - Tron Evolution Trailer
40:25 - Arkham Asylum 2 Trailer

Geek/Movie News:

42:55 - Leonardo Dicaprio to star in Mel Gibson's Viking Film
48:27 - Avatar Buzz