Crazy Looking Soviet Russia STAR WARS Posters


These Star Wars posters are insane looking! I would have never expected to see any kind of Star Wars posters from anywhere in the world look like these. These original Star Wars movie posters come from the time and place of Soviet Russia.

During this time, due to censorship, Russian movie companies had to recreate George Lucas’s “Galactic Western” posters that we have all come to know and love. They recreated them in the most far out and wacky ways imaginable!

We've got a Lightsaber pin-head, a pink anteater, and a crusty headed Jabba the Hutt.

I don't see how anyone in Russia during this time would look at these posters and say, "boy, I gotta see this movie!" This would confuse the hell out of anyone, possibly scare them away from seeing the movie!

Check out the posters below and tell us what you think!

Thanks to our friends at nerdblasters for the tip!






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