SPIDER-MAN 4 Being Delayed... Indefinitely!?


Whaaaaa!? It looks like Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4 has been placed on indefinite hold over at Sony Pictures. After all of us get hyped up and are ready to forgive and forget what happened with Spider-Man 3... this happens, and we get the rug pulled out from under us.

I was getting pretty excited for Spider-Man 4 which is being referred to in the production offices as Spider-M4n. I was looking forward to seeing what Raimi had in store for us. Now we aren't sure when or if production will pick up again.

According to an inside source at IESB:

Looks like everyone's friendly neighborhood web slinger has been been placed on indefinite hold.

Apparently, several department heads working on the SPIDER-M4N production were notified of the halt last Thursday.

So what's the reason?

Looks like Raimi and the studio heads at Sony Pictures can't agree upon a villain for the film.

The article goes on to say that Raimi wants to use The Vulture as the villain in the film, which was the most recent villain to be revealed. However the studio doesn't want to use The Vulture,

...they seem to only be interested in featuring which ever character is selling books right now but basically they have no idea, just not the Vulture.

Well, this is interesting. I say just let Raimi do what he wants to do! Last time the studio got involved we got Spider-Man 3, which sucked. Who knows what's going to happen at this point. If they can't agree on anything Raimi may end up walking off the project leaving Sony with the option of bringing in another director and possibly a whole new cast or just dropping the film altogether.

If Raimi decided not to go through with Spider-Man 4, he could put full attention on his World of Warcraft movie. On top of all this we recently reported that Tobey Maguire was in talks to play Bilbo in The Hobbit. So it's not like the main talent in the film are lacking in projects.

Sony better pull it together soon or the best parts of this movie are going to disappear never to come back.

What are your thought on Spider-Man 4 being put on hold indefinitely?

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